North Jersey Community Center of the Deaf, Inc
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Upcoming Events



May 23, 2015

Poker Tourney



Saddle Brook


in Saddle Brook

from 6 pm to 12midnight




June 13, 2015

The Price Is

Right Affair


Elmwood Park

VFW 5084

from 6 pm to

10 PM



July 25, 2015



Del. Water Gap

Country Club 

in PA

from 8 AM to ???



Future 2015 Affairs will be
at a later date.




Welcome to the official website for North

Jersey Community Center of the Deaf, Inc.

Welcome to our official website for North Jersey Community Center of the Deaf. Inc. and we are more than happy to give you information in general about our club you can find in this website. This club is a non-profit, humane and charitable organization established in 1976 by our deceased, beloved, and dedicated club founder, Morton Grand. Later, this club became incorporated under the State of New Jersey as a non-profit organization as of November 1, 1978. It is always  welcome deaf and hard of hearing people who are 18 years of age or older to join and get involved with us enhancing the welfare of the deaf community in the Northern New Jersey area. It also hosts various social affairs such as WINGO, Thanksgiving Social, Price Is Right Affair, Summer Picnic, Christmas Holiday Dinner Banquet, and other exciting events every year. The NJCCD club is still active for 38 years that has continued to grow year after year that the current members make their untiring efforts to show their loyalty in keeping this club alive as well.



We will have a general meeting on

 May 15th at Town Hall.

Members are encouraged to attend.



Now it is a good time to buy tickets for our

June 13th Price Is Right Affair.

Please don't wait until the last minutes

before the deadline date of June 5th.








St. Patrick's

Day Affair

pictures are here for you to view.


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